Skábmagovat Film Festival.

Descripción del premio:
Skábmagovat – Indigenous Peoples’ Film Festival takes place in Inari from 23rd to 26th January 2020. Skábmagovat is the event for indigenous movies, unforgettable movie experiences and a meeting place for different people and cultures. Indigenous films are screened in three theaters from dawn to dusk under endless night and northern lights.

The festival is organised by association called Friends of Sami art in collaboration with The Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida and Sámi Cultural Centre. Skábmagovat Indigenous Film Festival is the oldest Sámi film festival in the world and organised for the 22nd time in 2020. That makes it one of the oldest indigenous peoples’ film festivals in the world. Skábmagovat has established its place among international film festivals and enjoys a visitor base from passionate film consumers to film-industry and other organisations. Naturally the core of the festival is in the indigenous peoples’ and especially in the Sámi films. On the side, the program is enriched with e.g. workshops, discussions and concerts. Skábmagovat has also a special day for the children and youngsters of the kindergartens and schools nearby.


Skábmagovat Film Festival