Chungbuk World Family Film Festival.

Descripción del premio:
Chungbuk World Family Film Festival is a film festival with family.

Chungbuk World Family Film Festival is the only family film festival in Korea.

Regardless of age, all family members can enjoy movies in one place.

I want to be a film festival where families can communicate through movies.

Rules & Terms

1.Registration period

July 1st to September 26th, 2021.

2. Topic

Family, reconciliation, healing, affection, etc. should be able to share.

3. Running time

Around 25 minutes.

3. Date of the meeting

Theater screening Oct. 1-3

4. Regulations for Entry

Terms of entry: 25 minutes or less of running time excluding ending credits.

Subtitles: All works shall include Korean subtitles.

5. Copyright related

(Agree upon submission)

1) Upon submission, I agree to use the work in trailers and promotional videos to promote the film festival and film.

2) If a work is selected as an award-winning work and the copyright of another person is violated, or all rights of the contest are found not to belong to the person (or manufacturer), the exhibitor agrees to cancel the listing and compensate for damages.

3) Selected works are kept in the film festival archive and can be used for festival-related events or programs.

6. How to submit

After accessing the website, fill out an application form and attach an online link. (The link must be alive until October 3rd.)


Chungbuk World Family Film Festival