REAL-IN. Creative Europe MEDIA project.

Descripción del premio:
ESPRONCEDA - Institute of Art & Culture, is starting 2021 with a new european project, REAL-IN, funded by the program Creative Europe Media.

REAL-IN is an alliance made of 2 major EU festivals (La Manufacture/performing arts in Avignon, VRHAM!/Visual arts and

Interactive design in Hamburg), 2 innovative cultural institutions in 2 major European cities and world ranked events in creative industries (MEET Digital Culture Center in Milan, Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture, in Barcelona), and an award winning audiovisual technology company Black Euphoria located in one of the major European audiovisual hubs in Marseille.

REAL-IN aims at EXPLORING crossroads of cultural, audiovisual and creative sectors for immersive and interactive proposals, exploiting 3D scanning technologies combined to XR settings. We’ll build a PLAYGROUND for prototyping collective scenarios to boost new participatory approaches and innovative user experiences for the Creative and Cultural Industries and their audiences. REAL-IN will activate multidisciplinary synergies in a co-creation process between creatives, coders, creative industries, with the result to BREAK SILOS between creative sectors.

First Open Call presented by VHRAM!

Collective and immersive digital experiences for innovation in cultural and creative industries

Are you a creative or artistic team developing interactive arts projects?

Are you willing to experiment and prototype collective and immersive experiences?

Do you want to open new paths for innovative and participative approaches with the audience in the creative industries?


Espronceda - art, culture & education factory, VRHAM! Virtual Reality & Arts Festival in Hamburg